Monday, 26 Oct 2020


  1. 음정은 좋은데 자세가 정말 안좋네요… 지금 살아계시면 자세를 조금 고쳐주셨으면 해요! 그래두 잘했어요. 전 화음이 다 안맞네요ㅎㅎ
    그리구 박자두 안 맞네요ㅎㅎ
    점점 빨라지는 것 저만 기분 탓인가요..?
    뭐를 고춰야 하냐면 왼손 새끼손가락이 이상하네요.. 원래 똑바로 되야하는데…
    그리구 2번째는 박자가 마음대로 가는 것 같네요..
    새끼손가락은 밑에는 괜찮은데 위로 올라갈수록 이상해져요..

  2. When art like this is played well, it puts a picture in ur mind, and you may relive the song as that picture when it happens or as a memory of your picture from ur mind. And, if we are reliving the song or the picture is always still to be determined!

  3. This concerto is fiendishly difficult for a classical era concerto. It also has lots of double stops and having one note out of tune becomes obvious.

  4. Mr. Shaham is at the forefront of the finest violinists playing today. His eloquent articulation, impeccable technique and musical line are always intelligent and compelling. The orchestra here is excellent in its buoyant support.


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